Benefits of retreads


Environmental Benefits of Using Retreads

Every time you purchase and use a retread tyre, you play a part in the conservation of our valuable natural resources. We see it as a win-win situation since our retreads are less expensive than comparable new tyres, helping you save money and to act responsibly towards the environment.

Retreading your worn tyres can save you up to 40%

Retreading your worn tyres can save you up to 40%

Economic Benefits of Using Retreads

  • Retreading your existing tyres is a smart, economical and cost saving way to run your business given the costs associated with purchasing new tyres, Following a good tyre maintenance programme, worn tyres can be retreaded up to four or five times but normally you can expect to retread a tyre at least twice. This will result in savings of up to 40% each time it is retreaded when compared to the price of new leading brand tyres.


Retreading is Recycling

  • It requires approximately 7 gallons of crude oil to produce a retread as opposed to 22 gallons of oil it takes to manufacture a new tyre. Retreading extends the life of used tyres thus reducing the number of tyres sent to waste disposal. In today’s environmentally consious spciety you can help improve your company’s green credentials by using retreads on your fleet.