Long & Short Haul
The high mileage, long distance tyre
  • Excellent traction in wet and dry conditions
  • Tread design to maximise mileage and offer greater fuel efficiency thus, reducing running costs
  • Wide profiles available for greater stability
  • Unique compound for long lasting wear
  • Well proven tread design provides increased grip and stability in high horsepower, long distance drive axle applications
  • Proven tread designs
  • Cool running compound for optimum performance
  • The tread designs, which ETTS offer, deliver the highest levels of performance in all aspects of the haulage and commercial markets.

  • On/Off Road
    High performance resilient tyre to suit aggressive and demanding applications
  • Deep treads for increased performance and traction
  • Grips in both hard and soft terrain
  • Designed to improve resistance to irregular wear
  • Tread compound has been especially designed for resistance to punctures, cuts and damage
  • Excellent water dispersion
  • A heavy, strong and robust tyre
  • Steer and Bus
    The high performance tyre suited for extensive use in urban areas and on lift/free axles
  • Additional traction and enhanced handling characteristics
  • Proven versatile applications in regional and urban environments
  • Suitable for high mileage urban applications
  • This pattern ensures additional traction under all road conditions while optimising stability and reducing noise levels.